Is Calliola open all year round for customers?
Yes, Calliola is open all year. The four seasons offer wonderful experiences with our local-food menus, additional activities as well as through the scenery that surrounds our customers. ​

Is Calliola accessible by car?
Yes, there is access all the way into the courtyard by car, chartered coaches or taxi. We can organise mooring for boaters upon advance notice. Transportation can be organised by our reliable partner companies upon request. For more details, please contact our Sales Services. ​

How do I find driving instructions to Calliola?
Our website provides detailed driving instructions on how to reach Calliola. Driving instructions can also be found on Google Maps using the address: Rågöntie 315 Snappertuna. Please note that sometimes navigators might instruct the driver to exit the main road, which is the serviced route. There is a paved road all the way to Calliola. When arriving by car, please avoid turning off onto gravel or side roads. The distance from Helsinki is 14,9 km along the Helsinki-Hanko route 51. Calliola signposts will lead you to your destination. ​

Is it possible to spend a mini holiday at Calliola with friends or family?
Calliola is a superb place to spend time eating, enjoying a sauna and staying overnight also with a smaller group of people. As a party and wedding setting, scenic Calliola is unforgettable. Calliola is open upon advance booking. Furthermore, restaurant and well-being events are organised, and overnight accommodation is also possible on such occasions. Our Sales Services will be pleased to assist you when you begin to plan your event. 

Does Calliola have non-smoking accommodation?
Yes. All of our facilities are non-smoking. ​

Is it possible to arrive at Calliola by boat, e.g. to attend a summer party?
Yes, it is, great idea! The Barösund waterway is located only a short distance from Calliola. Our jetty is accessible for motorboats and sailboats. Calliola coordinates for sailors and skippers are: latitude 57° 90 min and longitude 45° 10 min. Please give advance information if you are arriving by boat, since we have limited mooring. ​

How are the sauna facilities allocated when there is another group at Calliola at the same time?
Calliola has four seafront saunas complete with terraces and seafronts. Each group is allocated its respective turn for the sauna. Men and women have separate saunas, washrooms and dressing rooms.

Do you acknowledge allergic persons?
Our staff acknowledges all information on special requests and food allergies that is given in advance in all the food that is served. ​

Who owns Calliola, and is it part of a hotel chain?
Calliola is a family business that is owned by Maiju and Kari Kasanen. Calliola is not part of a chain. Kari Kasanen is a well-known management consultant and an influential person in the business world. He is also known as an expert in public-sector development projects. He is a share-holder in several companies and is active in the boards of many companies.


Calliola – in Raseborg by the sea

Rågöntie 315, 10710 Snappertuna

Tel. +358 201 600 888

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