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Calliola Combines Beauty, Tranquillity as well as Peace of Mind.

Calliola offers and promotes the services and philosophy of social, physical and emotional well-being.

Doing and experiencing things together and building trust are the foundations and the success factors of every organisation and every work community. A strong culture, and enthusiastic people are the key factors of operations and management.

Many well-being services can be combined with Calliola events, such as

  • Workplace well-being events

  • Mindfulness

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Physical-activity programmes

  • Canoeing

  • Adventure games

  • Empowering forest outings

Many of our partners, such as Valmennuskeskus Public, also make use of Calliola facilities in their rehabilitation and workplace well-being services.

Calliola Mielen Satamat course is an example of a course, for both small and bigger groups, that is conducted in maritime surroundings. The Mielen Satamat course is suited for both private as well as corporate customers.

Nature, experiences and presence are combined in the Mielen Satamat course. This course makes use of an experience of nature as a mind-opening experience whilst navigating the archipelago of emotional skills. The various ports of call transport the participants with nurture for the body and mind through relaxation as well as with the delicious meals of Restaurant Calliola. These courses offer mutual discourse whilst sailing through gentle winds.

Calliola offers a naturally-beautiful setting for promoting well-being and social interaction. The spirit and surroundings at Calliola support the sense of togetherness and moments of mutual activities.

The idyllic accommodation in the unique villas and studios offer leisurely moments of rest. The soft heat of the seafront saunas is a lovely way to unwind after a long day and meetings.

Sustainable development as well as respect for nature and the archipelago scenery are important values for the Calliola entrepreneur family, and this can be seen during all the four seasons. These values are acknowledged daily in all Calliola operations.

Calliola uses the best seasonal local and organic food and ingredients from small farms and local-region producers.

Calliola also offers the small enterprises in the area a place to bring their own produce and to demonstrate their skills. The sense of community is supported by being involved in, e.g., the summer guests’ events and recreational functions.

Calliola is located by the sea in the Tammisaari archipelago in Western Uusimaa, only an hour’s journey from Helsinki and Turku.

Time and time again, our customers say that you must see and experience Calliola for yourself. No picture, no story, can describe the beauty and emotional experience that a person experiences at Calliola.


Calliola – in Raseborg by the sea

Rågöntie 315, 10710 Snappertuna

Tel. +358 201 600 888

© 2017 Calliola

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