From an Archipelago Farm to a Popular Conference Hotel 

Regional History


Calliola Conference & Event Center is located in Snappertuna, between Raseborg Castle Ruins and Fagervik Manor and Ironworks. Finland was governed from here before Turku, and then later Helsinki, became the capital of Finland. In the mid 1800s, Rågö was separated from Jeppan’s Gård, which was located in the same village, and it became an estate of its own. This archipelago estate, now known as Calliola, enjoyed its idyllic, rustic existence for approximately 100 years in Båsa village in the borough of Snappertuna. Rågö Estate, Rågöstrand, was owned by the same fishing family until the 1950s. The 1960s were quieter times, since farming and cultivation had disappeared from the region. The 1970s brought summer guests to the island, and things became livelier when the bridge that connects the island to the mainland was built. At that time, Snappertuna was known as the most Swedish-speaking district in the world outside Sweden, something of which the local people were very proud. ​

Calliola Is Born​

The renowned opera singer Timo Mustakallio made his dream come true when he created a holiday village on his archipelago estate in the 70s. It has been said that Mustakallio literally filled the island with opera. Art, nature, and music have been an integral part of Calliola throughout its existence. Legend has it that Mustakallio was internationally known by his stage name Callio, which still forms part of the name of the place. In the 80s after Timo Mustakallio, Calliola served as recreational facilities for the management and staff of SKOP Bank. In 1997, well-known entrepreneurs Maiju and Kari Kasanen became the owners of Calliola, and it became a conference and events hotel. This marked a new era and image for Calliola. For more information, please see / Kari Kasanen.

​Calliola Today

Calliola offers an excellent service concept for successful conferences, business-training events as well as for staff and customer events. Family celebrations and weddings are organised throughout the year. Our peaceful and inspiring surroundings, our varied facilities as well as our excellent customer service form the foundation for operations at Calliola. Our service is based on a genuine care for our customers and we genuinely listen to our customers. Each event and occasion at Calliola is unique and unforgettable.

​Calliola is a family company with a strong value foundation. We wish to offer our guests experiences, to offer our staff an encouraging and meaningful place to work, and to offer local entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote their produce and services. Our fundamental values include sustainable development, social responsibility and caring for the environment.

Welcome to Calliola!

​Maiju and Kari Kasanen

Calliola Family Entrepreneurs


Calliola – in Raseborg by the sea

Rågöntie 315, 10710 Snappertuna

Tel. +358 201 600 888

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