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Activities Calliola Style

At Calliola, we understand the impact that feeling good and a happy mind have on workplace well-being and on being together. A refreshed and well person creates well-being and enthusiasm around them.

Additional activities and recreational events are an integral part of successful meetings and workplace well-being occasions as well as of smaller and bigger events at Calliola. The maritime surroundings offer an ideal setting for various types of activities. Our location by the sea in Snappertuna is an experience in itself. The Barösund waterway, which many boaters are familiar with, is near Calliola, as is Elisaari, which is a beautiful place for an outing. Please ask for more information on outings into the archipelago as well as on other fishing and boating programmes.

For companies, our programme services offer a great way to ease meeting days. Doing things together is a fun pastime for, e.g., evening get-togethers or festive moments. The additional activities at Calliola include plenty of various options from smaller-scale outdoor games to more challenging activities on land, sea and indoors. Together with our partner network, we organise, e.g., customised canoeing outings, various adventure programmes, assignments that develop group work, and more action-packed team competitions.

You will definitely find the best options for your particular events from the Calliola wide-ranging additional-activity programmes. Calliola staff and our experienced service network provide the programmes professionally.

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From us you can rent a canoe or sup-board for your use and go on an independent excursion  to the nearby waters of Calliolla.



15 € / 2h


The rent includes a life vest and a bailer.


Canoeing at your own risk. It's required to wear a life vest in rental canoe.

The renter must know how to swim.







Functional Learning and Enforcing Teamwork

We plan various group-work or management-skill requiring programmes, according to needs. The assignments can easily be made a part of the training day, or can be planned to support the training. The programmes can be conducted on land or sea, they can last for a few hours, or they can be outings that last all day. The programmes can be customised according to wishes.

Cooking Together á la Calliola

Get acquainted with the world of cooking with a playful competition. At the end of the competition, the Calliola Jury awards the winners.

Murder Mystery

The events take place in Finland, in the Porkkala Parenthesis area, in the 1940s. It is the post-war era, and the Porkkala area has been leased to the USSR. There is a mysterious death at a high-ranking Major’s evening get-together. Is it murder? That is for you to solve. The task is to solve the mystery, in groups, on the basis of personal profiling and witness statements. As the investigations proceed, new evidence is found.

Mielen Satamat Course

This is an example of our courses that are planned for, and conducted in, our maritime surroundings, for both smaller and bigger groups. Nature, experiences and presence are combined in the Mielen Satamat Course. This course makes use of an experience of nature as a mind-opening experience whilst navigating the archipelago of emotional skills. The various ports of call transport the participants with nurture for the body and mind through relaxation as well as with the delicious meals of Restaurant Calliola. These courses offer mutual discourse whilst sailing through gentle winds.

Gentle Yin and Yang Yoga, and Relaxation

A relaxing, calming and restoring 90-minute yoga class is good for both body and mind! The exercises release tension in the shoulder, pelvic and spinal areas.

The sequences of the class include relaxing the nervous system and warming up the body, flexing and body-warming flow routines, strengthening and firming asanas, yin deep stretching, and finishing off with a relaxation.

This programme includes preparations for the class, instruction, materials as well as music. These classes suit everyone, regardless of age and fitness.


Walking Outings to the Cabin

A good way to get fitter is by taking a walk through nature in good company. Explore the archipelago nature with your group. A nice way to end a walking outing is to enjoy a campfire coffee at the Cabin, or to enjoy a delicious meal.


Line Dancing

Put the music on and line up! In line dancing, all the dancers perform the same moves, typically forming one or several parallel lines. The steps rotate the dancer around 90 or 180 degrees, and the steps are also repeated in the opposite direction. No dancing partner is required, which makes it a popular workplace well-being exercise.


Lighting up the Dark with Candles

On this candle-making course, candles are made from beeswax blocks to take home. This course can be taken either as a 40-minute course in between the conference agenda, or a little more time can be booked in order to make several candles. The candles let off a beautiful glow, and everyone’s own handiwork brings them unique character.


Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga has numerous health benefits. Additionally, it increases creativity, the ability to learn, social skills, a sense of belonging, and it also relieves stress. The laughter is created through laughter exercises and through group interaction. This programme requires no prior knowledge of, or experience in, yoga. This fun and relaxing programme is extremely suitable for various events. Laughter Yoga can be customised for groups of different sizes, and the length of the classes can vary.


Calliola Karelian Pasties

Who can roll the thinnest pastry? Who can nip the prettiest edges? Have an easy and fun time learning the magic of making Karelian pasties. Instructed by the pasty-course instructor, delicious, mouth-watering Karelian pasties are prepared.


Fishing Trips

On our fishing trips, we come ashore on a naturally-beautiful island where we fish with a fishing reel and a fishing rod. This island trip is also suitable for those who only want to wander around the rocks and take in the archipelago nature. Please also ask for more information on our boating fishing trips.


Inflatable Raft Safari

Rafts are a safe and fun way to get to know and to explore the nearby archipelago. During the safari, the group hears about the archipelago flora and fauna from an expert guide. The neighbouring islands offer a place to enjoy a delicious bite to eat, and the peace and quiet of nature. The rafts lend themselves to many types of activities, e.g., a treasure hunt or an adventurous competition. The length and the level of the safari can be customised according to the group.


Calliola Wilderness Tips

Does your group have what it takes to meet the challenges of the wilderness? Do you know how to use your group’s resources correctly? Calliola Wilderness Tips is a fun and humorous wilderness-skills contest that is suitable for anyone who is in normal condition and is interested in wilderness skills. The programme includes, e.g., lighting a campfire, how to tie rescue knots, first aid, nature’s delicacies as well as easy orienteering. This contest does not require prior experience in these skills.


Water Rescuing (Spring, Autumn)

Our spring and autumn fun programme that increases useful skills! To begin with, we get dressed in the survival suits and neoprene hoods and gloves that are required for this adventure – a warm layer of clothing can also be worn underneath. We go to the waterfront where we are first given instructions on free-form splashing around in chilly waters. We experiment swimming in various positions. After our swim, we enjoy hot beverages and talk about what should be done if caught in chilly water in real life. To finish off, we get back into the water once more to try out the survival tips we have just learned. We finish off our water games with a fun worm-formation swim together.


Fire Performance School – the Art of Fire Juggling

The group gets the chance to try fire juggling under the instruction of professionals. After the initial instruction and mock training, it is time for action. All those who are willing, get the chance to try taming the flames and to see how it feels to perform with fire using a stick, chains and fans. The trainers are fire-performance professionals who offer hands-on instruction on how to juggle fire safely. They also offer a brief example during which the customers get the chance to watch the action with the equipment.


Snowshoe Outing – Wintry Magical Woods

Even the Native Americans and the Inuit used snowshoes on their wintry hunting expeditions. During this outing, the group is introduced to the required equipment and to how it is used. When following the reindeer paths, the group moves through varying wintry scenery getting acquainted with the knacks of snowshoeing: how to manage a steep upward slope and a descending downward slope. It is possible to have something to eat during the outing, or to combine various problem-solving assignments with the outing.


Nordic Ice Skating

Nordic skating is for everyone – both for beginners as well as for the more experienced! Enjoy the wonderful, wintry scenery of Snappertuna and the freedom of Nordic skating! For the skating, you need sturdy shoes, e.g., hiking boots or regular thick-soled winter shoes that cover the ankle. The ankles must be supported.


Winter Olympics

The group is divided into teams, and the humorous contests can begin. The sports include mini ski jumping using figurines, tobogganing with mini toboggans as well as a truly fun team skiing and formation snowshoeing or a kicksled relay race.


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